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YouTuber Wild Charles, the famous alligator-whisperer arrives in Yucatán

by Yucatan Times
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Charles Wieand, better known as Wild Charles, is a YouTuber who came from the United States in search of a new experience with crocodiles. In addition to creating videos to upload to the Internet, he is a lover of reptiles and has experience in handling them.

His passion for wildlife began a little over ten years ago. He currently works on two farms in both Florida and Colorado.

Together with  Larissa Cacciari Campuzano, who lives in Cancún, they arrived in Tizimín after researching on the Internet about the places where reptiles are preserved. Larisa Cacciari is the one who supported him yesterday in the translation because he still has not mastered Spanish.

At the “Chan Aayin” (small crocodile) farm located in the Felipe Carrillo Puerto neighborhood of this city, is where Wild Charles was taking videos of the different reptiles, however, he says that he has been with alligators and was even attacked by one of his journeys by a reptile on a leg.

@wildcharles Crocodile in Mexico #fyp #crocodile ♬ original sound – wild charles

The YouTuber expressed his pleasure at how at the Tizimín farm they interact with Coco, a reptile weighing almost 200 kilos, as well as the education they give to children about respecting animals and not being afraid of crocodiles.

He even said that he hopes there are more places where the rescue of reptiles is given importance and that the one they currently have is the beginning of an expansion because they would like to return.

According to the visitors, their tour would continue in Rio Lagartos to get to know the other farm that is there and be able to interact with the animals of that conservation center.

At the Tizimín farm, the young people who are in charge of the Animal Management Unit, Miguel Manzanilla, Juan de León, Karen Cupul, Kevin Pool, and Ermilo Alcalá, offered the tour to the visitors and even fed the animals and took advantage of to learn some tips on handling crocodiles.

They did some practices with Coco within her confinement and at the end, souvenir photographs were taken. According to the YouTuber, he began to be interested in crocodiles when he was a child until after research he became serious about it and today he is also dedicated to rescuing them. On his YouTube and Facebook pages, he says that he shares videos of his experiences that he has had almost all over the world.

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