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Spring Equinox: Kukulcán made its descent right on time in Chichén Itzá

by Yucatan Times
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It was around 4:30 when the feathered serpent made its full appearance.

About nine thousand 570 tourists from all over the world gathered this March 21 to witness the descent of the Mayan god Kukulcán through the North staircase of the El Castillo pyramid in the archaeological zone of Chichen Itzá.

As is already known, this event marks the spring equinox and it was exactly at 4:29 in the afternoon when this happened, celebrated by the attendees who came to the pre-Hispanic temple.

This event in ancient times was associated with the beginning of the harvest cycle of the ancient Mayan civilization, today it is considered one of the most surprising spectacles of light and shadow on the planet as well as proof of the impressive knowledge that had about astronomy, architecture, and geometry.

Visitors began to appear at the temple around 10 in the morning to be able to witness this event from dawn until the exact moment of the event, no one wanted to miss this moment.

Before the exact time of the event arrived, both national and foreign tourists had enough time to tour the Maya city, exploring and learning more about this ancient culture.

Around three in the afternoon, people began to gather in front of the base of the Castle to observe the beginning of the archaeon-astronomical phenomenon.

The intense heat, despite being a challenge for many tourists, was not an obstacle to enjoying this unique event.
A cloud appeared when four of the seven triangles were already visible.

People began to show discouragement at what had happened but this did not last long, the cloud was shortly moved away by the wind, and people began to applaud because the event was still going on.

It was around 4:45 PM when Kukulcán was present in all its splendor, the lights and shadows as always did not disappoint, tourists who took photos, and recorded videos with their cellphone, very happy to have been privileged to witness the descent of the Feathered Snake.

It was at 5:30 in the afternoon when people began to leave because closing time had been announced.

Security measures
The National Guard and the State Police were present to ensure everybody got out of the archaeological site, and surveillance was reinforced in the parking area and along the free federal highway, from Valladolid to Pisté.

No incidents or accidents of any kind were reported throughout the day.

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