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Restaurants do not own palapas on the Progreso promenade: Yucatán Government

by Yucatan Times
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Inspectors from the Health Control and Promotion Subdirectorate of the Yucatan Health Secretariat (SSY) toured the port boulevard to detect improper practices or any affectations on visitors.

In the same surveillance operation, they highlighted that the palapas in the port of Progreso do not belong to restaurants, so they cannot charge visitors to use them.

The operation was carried out after two viral cases due to excessive charges in Palapas on the Progreso promenade, which those affected reported through social networks.

State Government personnel implemented a surveillance operation this Friday on the Progreso promenade to urge service providers, merchants, and restaurants to avoid improper practices such as excessive charges.

Led by the deputy director of Health Control and Promotion of the SSY, Joaquín Cardeña Sánchez, the public servants toured the entire Progreseño boulevard.

In the operation, they supervised the operation of the establishments, where they reviewed that the permits and licenses to operate these businesses were in order, as well as the health and hygiene conditions.

During the visit, the restaurants were reminded that urban infrastructure, such as palapas, public bathrooms, and other spaces, are not private property and, therefore, they should not condition their use to consumption in their businesses.

They also were told that the sale of alcoholic beverages authorized is for consumption inside their establishments and that they must also have their price list in view.

They were also asked not to make excessive charges and to explain well to customers the prices they handle to avoid misunderstandings that generate consumer dissatisfaction or contribute to disturbing public order.

A call was made to the service providers on the Malecón not to abuse the goodwill of visitors, taking advantage of the high influx that is registered in the port due to the holidays.

Government personnel urged restaurateurs and merchants not to charge for the use of urban public infrastructure, which is not their property.

They were reminded that the palapas, for example, are not the property of anyone in particular and, therefore, they should not charge any type of fee for using them, nor condition them to consumption in any establishment or for other public services.

The Government of Yucatán concluded its statement by emphasizing that restaurants, merchants, and service providers must avoid falling into improper practices that affect families and visitors who go to the main destinations in the state.

If it is detected that they engaged in these practices, they could be sanctioned.

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