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Influencer Max Kaiser lectured Anahuac Mayab on the June 2, elections in Mexico

by Yucatan Times
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In the 2024 elections “nothing is defined, don’t be fooled,” warned the famous influencer and Youtuber Max Kaiser in the conference “Mexico on the road to June 2” that he gave today in the Alejandro Gómory auditorium of the Anáhuac Mayab University, in Mérida, Yucatán.

“This election is the most difficult to understand than ever,” said the political analyst during the talk that Coparmex Mérida promoted given the next elections.

On stage, Max Kaiser was accompanied by Emilio Blanco del Villar, president of Coparmex Mérida; Víctor Abraham Chapur, president of the Coparmex Youth Commission; and Professor Miguel Pérez Gómez, rector of the Anáhuac Mayab University.

In his welcome message, the rector highlighted that the June 2 election will be the largest in history and that is why he invited youth to go out and vote, because no one likes other people to make decisions for themselves.

“When I don’t vote, I don’t participate I am allowing someone else to make the decision. We have to realize that in the 21st century in all the democracies of the world, there is danger, and those who do not participate cannot complain about the consequences.

“Don’t let them fool you the 2024 election is not defined:” Max Kaiser declared in Mérida

For his part, Emilio Blanco del Villar highlighted the attendance of dozens of young people because young people will make the weight of the balance lean to one side or the other in this election.

“Open up your ears today and you will see that the election is not yet defined, and you will learn that in democracy, we all have to participate and the best way is by exercising our vote.”

After the messages, Max Kaiser’s talk began fully, he first asked who among the attendees asked his grandmother’s opinion about what to wear to university or what career to study.

In Mexico, people between 55 and 74 are those who vote the most
“I ask this because women between 55 and 74 years old are the ones who participate the most in elections. 72%. Their mothers and grandmothers are the ones who participate the most, they are the ones who make the decisions in this country.”

On the contrary, he pointed out, that young people between 19 and 35 years old are the ones who participate the least, and they might as well be the ones who are going to define this year’s election.

Given this situation, Max Kaiser said that we must send the message that in this election 3,528 popularly elected positions will be elected: the presidency, 500 deputies, 128 senators, 9 governorships, 1,700 municipal presidents, and 1,000 local deputies.

Addressed before the presentation, Kaiser said the outlook looks difficult and violent in some parts of the country. “I do believe that there are political candidates in some parts of the country who are literally risking their lives by running for office, and the Mexican State does not react, protect, or care.”

“That’s why I believe that citizens who live in places where you can vote, where you can vote in peace, have to go out and compensate for all those places where you won’t be able to.”

A state election
Max Kaiser stated in Mérida that this is clearly a state election.

Kaiser stated that AMLO has been promoting his candidate for more than three years, spending money on his candidate, and filling the entire country with billboards, signs, and banners, he uses his daily morning press conference every day to promote his candidate and attack the opposition. He has governors and municipal presidents politically operating for Morena’s candidate Claudia Sheinbaum, so that turns it into a State Election because the Executive is using the power of the State to benefit his party.

“So yes, we are in a state election. The good news is that we still have an operational National Electoral Institute and the citizens are going to decide on June 2,” he continued.

A low vote average favors the government
Max added that the AMLO knows that Morena has a good chance of winning if the vote average is kept below 55% of participation, but he also knows that if more than 60% of the voters participate, “that could get things complicated for the ruling party.”

He stressed that the choice is easy: One, Sheinbaum wants to keep the president’s policies continuity, and two, Xochitl the other candidate proposes rebuilding and rescuing the nation.

Democracy in Mexico is in danger
The expert also warned that democracy in the country is in danger. “Democracy is at risk not only because organized crime has a free pass, but the government is denying that the problem exists.”

In the case of Yucatán, Max Kaiser highlighted that the state is a good example of what happens when it is governed well, but above all when it is governed hand in hand with the citizens.

“The Yucatecans have already learned to demand from governments, they have already learned to generate alternation, to demand accountability; but they have also already learned to work with their government.”

Max Kaiser also attended a private event with Coparmex partners

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