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Cardinals “disappear” in Yucatan

by Yucatan Times
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Inhabitants of Tzucacab pointed out that it is rare to see a cardinal in this town, due to the indiscriminate hunting of these specimens. The cardinal is a songbird that measures 21 to 23 centimeters long and lives from southern Canada to northern Guatemala and Belize. It can be found in forests, gardens, and swamps.

The male has red plumage and the female has a dull tone that mixes red and brown. “Now when leaving the municipality, towards the agricultural fields, it is difficult to find a cardinal, they are already rare, now in the fields it is rare to see or hear the song of one of these specimens,” said Eduardo Canul.

“Until 20 years ago it was common to wake up to the song of one of these birds and see them on the roads to the fields every day.

“Today after months of seeing one of these birds, I found a cardinal heading to the Kakalnah irrigation units; They are very nervous birds, since upon noticing my presence, the animal went deeper into the forest.

“Until 20 years ago, many birds came to the fields attracted by the water and the fruits that were grown in that place, their songs can be heard daily,” commented Eduardo Canul. Due to hunting, these birds are disappearing, to the extent that few specimens remain.

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