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Artisans from Carrillo Puerto, Quintana Roo fight against unfair competition

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They use manual methods or foot pedal sewing machines to guarantee the highest quality in their products.

The town of X – Pichil is located in the Municipality of Felipe Carrillo Puerto (in the State of Quintana Roo). They have a population of 1,227 inhabitants.

Artisans from the community of X-Pichil, located in the municipality of Felipe Carrillo Puerto, specifically women textile artisans from the “Lol Pich” group, face difficulties when marketing their products due to growing unfair competition.

Casimira Arana Pech, coordinator of the “Lol Pich” cooperative, shared the concern of 32 indigenous women, dedicated to the creation of hipiles, dresses, blankets, and napkins, among others, in a traditional way, they use manual methods or pedal sewing machines. to guarantee the highest quality in their products.

Arana Pech highlighted that the main challenge lies in the limited interaction with potential buyers. Even when they manage to establish contact, the sale is complicated due to the perception that prices are high, sometimes they choose to purchase similar products at lower prices elsewhere, without considering the quality and artisanal value of X-Pichil creations.

The group’s coordinator pointed out the existence of unfair commercial tactics, in which certain competitors use industrial machines to increase their production and offer low-quality products at lower prices. This practice contrasts with the artisanal production of the women of X-Pichil, who can spend up to a month to complete a single garment.

Arana Pech declared that all their creations are made to order and with defined deadlines, since each piece follows a meticulous process and requires time. Prices vary, and discounts are offered on bulk purchases. Per unit, the price of a hipil with Renaissance embroidery has a price of 2,000 pesos, while with solid embroidery it is 1,500 pesos.

The women of X-Pichil seek to raise awareness among consumers about the value of their artisanal work and the importance of supporting local production, where each piece tells a unique story of skill and dedication.

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