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These are the best places to live in Mérida

by Yucatan Times
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The state of Yucatán has 106 municipalities with a population of 2 million 320 thousand 898 inhabitants and whose capital, Mérida, is one of the safest cities, a fact that has made it not only a good tourist destination but also a place to live.

Mérida was built on vestiges of an ancient Mayan settlement whose name comes from the Latin “Emerita”, which is the first name given to a city founded by the Romans in Spain, 25 years before Christ.

It was not until 1734 that the City Hall building was built and not until 1843 when Yucatán was ratified as an Autonomous State of the Republic, from which the state of Campeche was emancipated in 1857.

Known as The White City, Mérida is one of the municipalities of Yucatán that have begun to gentrify, an urban and social rehabilitation that generates the displacement of neighbors originally from neighborhoods or towns by other people of a higher social and economic level.

For some years now, this situation started in Mérida, where demand for real estate for residential and tourist use has exploded, a fact that has raised the costs of living for the inhabitants originally from this city.

Amid all this phenomenon, there are areas of Mérida that have been detected and in which gentrification is promoted. Examples of these are the northern, western, and central areas of the municipality, where properties with a high capital gain are offered given the growth of recreational activities, sites of tourist interest, and, of course, the beauty of the city.

One of the areas detected where gentrification has increased is the northern area, where hospitals, schools, and shopping centers have been developed, security has been improved and infrastructure has been modernized.

Among the neighborhoods mentioned in this area of ​​Mérida are private neighborhoods such as La Ceiba and Yucatán Country Club, as well as Montes de Amé, and San Ramón, among others.

In the western area, there are already some mid-level subdivisions that, for the most part, are inhabited by people from other states of the country, which in turn has promoted the construction of developments such as Las Américas and Gran Santa Fe.

In the central area of ​​Mérida, gentrification has reached neighborhoods such as Campestre, Colonia México, and Miguel Alemán. These neighborhoods are very close to restaurants and the beach. According to some pages promoting tourism, rents in these neighborhoods are between 4 thousand and 15 thousand pesos.

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