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The “Terno”: identity and culture of Yucatán

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During the 16th century, the process of conquest of the Yucatan Peninsula brought by the Spanish colonizers, who were fascinated with the beauty of the region and the eccentricity of its settlers. One of the details that caught their attention the most were the blankets woven by the indigenous Maya, which were highly appreciated by the Conquistadors who recognized the high quality of these textiles.

It is important to note that the clothing of the Maya People was modified with the arrival of Spanish rule, who established new guidelines that were more adapted to the ideals and norms that came with Catholicism, thus achieving the fusion of both cultures, which It was reflected in different aspects of daily life such as gastronomy, music and clothing.

For example, in Yucatan, the indigenous women’s costume had the skirt lengthened to the feet, which was called “Fustán”, which consisted of a long white cotton petticoat, tight at the waist, accompanied by a type of blouse, without shapes or folds, which fell on the Fustan which they called “hipil” and on the shoulders a square flap called “jubón” that due to the width of the garment simulated short sleeves, leaving the arms bare and a neckline at the back.

The union of these three elements is known as “Terno”, over the years this suit has gone through different adaptations that were made taking into account elements such as the materials or the clothing that consisted of gold filigree rosaries, as well as such as necklaces or double-strand chains and long earrings.

Being considered a work of art, the creation of this beautiful suit takes around 6 months, since it is a completely handmade work, and creating the magical combination of colors for a unique piece of clothing is not easy at all, its embroidery can be geometric, with human figures, animals or plants, which have a different symbolism in each indigenous community that uses this grament; in addition to the fact that they stand out on the fabrics covered with lace and beautiful accessories that speak of their Mestizo origin. This clothing is generally worn during regional gala events and in typical dances that are part of the Yucatecan traditions.

Where can I buy a Terno when visiting Yucatán?

The best option would be to purchase it in the town of Kimbilá, belonging to the municipality of Izamal, where in addition to finding unique clothing, it will give you the opportunity to enjoy Izamal, one of the most beautiful Magic Towns in the country, a space where the streets are dyed yellow and emanate an unparalleled charm. You can tour the Convent of San Antonio de Padua, which has the largest open atrium in Latin America and the second largest in the world,

The Yucatan invites you to visit each of its corners, when visiting the heart of the Peninsula, you will not only be able to purchase these beautiful garments, but you will also be able to discover its lavish gastronomy that has led Yucatan to become the gastronomic capital of southeastern Mexico.

Without a doubt, venturing to Yucatan to discover its culture is a great option for an upcoming trip, in which, in addition to purchasing local crafts and products, will allow you to take back home unmatched memories of a land full of magic.

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