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“The 2024 elections can be carried out peacefully” (AMLO)

by Yucatan Times
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On Wednesday, February 21st, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador assured that so far “things are going well in Mexico, there are no violent attacks” and therefore the electoral process that will take place in the country on June 2nd, can be carried out “peacefully.”

“The guarantee is that as long as we are in charge, there will be clean and free elections. The will of the citizens will be respected,” he said after insisting that this will be the fundamental difference with the governments of the past.

He even asked that all citizens contribute to ensuring that the elections, the largest process in Mexico, are “clean, free, that there will be no purchase or falsification of votes, nothing like that. “That there will be no blackouts or system crashing like in 1988”.

He anticipated that “electoral fraud is over,” at the same time that he reported that the two virtual candidates for the Presidency of the Republic were assigned a National Guard protection team for the electoral process.

Regarding the process that will conclude on June 2, where among other positions the person who will occupy the Presidency of the Republic will be elected, he said that “so far things are going well, there are no attacks, there should be no attacks. All elections can be carried out peacefully.”

However, it is well known that so far about 20 candidates from different parties in the country have been murdered.

The president added that democracy allows all citizens to demonstrate freely.

He explained that “the weapon of the citizen is the voter card and with it one goes freely and secretly to decide according to what one’s own free will.

“We have that constitutional right and we must exercise it”.

In the National Palace, at the Mañanera conference, President López Obrador announced that the two candidates: the one from the opposition, Xóchitl Gálvez, and the official party, Claudia Sheinbaum, “have protection from a team from the Ministry of Public Security and of the National Guard,.”

The president announced that the head of the Ministry of Security and Citizen Protection, Rosa Icela Rodríguez, will present a report on the security of the candidates.

But the president said that the function of the National Guard agents is not only protection, but also surveillance to ensure that there is no falsehood in the management of information.”

López Obrador took advantage of the moment to once again attack the media and those who, from social networks, have participated in what he calls a “campaign” against him.

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