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Parents take over an elementary school in Tizimín in rejection of the Principal

by Yucatan Times
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TIZIMÍN, YUCATAN.— More than a hundred parents demonstrated yesterday at the doors of the Sebastián Molas primary school in the morning shift, in protest against the reinstatement of teacher Fernando Pan Tucuch, who was the school’s director.

The tutors took over the school, put padlocks on all the gates, and prevented the passage of teachers and students, demanding the presence of educational authorities.

The disagreement arose after teacher Pan appeared at the school on Thursday announcing that he would resume his duties as director, which caused the parents’ anger.

According to the dissidents, a year ago the school principal met with a group of parents to inform them that he would be temporarily absent and a teacher would remain in his place as interim director.

Director, accused of alleged diversion of resources

The parents reported that pressure from sixth-grade tutors to whom they owed money for uniforms caused the teacher to leave the school, as there were many complaints of alleged diversion of resources.

The parents, who took over the main gate of the school, told stories of mistreatment toward mothers and students.

Among the complaints they listed is that they did not allow the students to wear the white t-shirts that the state government gave them, but rather they demanded that they be painted blue because it must be under the uniform, if a student, due to their economic condition, did not wear school shoes or had broken shoes, he or she was sent back home.

Some mothers said they had seen the director enter the school at night to sleep on several occasions, being in an inconvenient state, and they even said that there were children who said they had seen Fernando Pan drink alcoholic beverages and smoke inside the school premises.

As the minutes passed, the parents continued to remember the abuses they suffered from the director and how he humiliated them, especially the women.

After almost an hour of protest, Francisco Loría Serrano, zone supervisor, arrived and told them that he was aware of the situation that the teachers had informed him about and that he was heading to Mérida, to Segey, to inform them. the happened.

The supervisor asked the parents to open the school to give them a solution, but they demanded the guarantee that Fernando Pan would not return, to which they were told that this was impossible.

The parents took the opportunity to express why they opposed the return of the principal, they even told him that on one occasion the teacher made a mistake and sent pornographic images to a messaging group, which he later deleted.

The supervisor listened, took photographs and videos of what happened, and told them that there would be a response soon, however, the parents said that on Tuesday they would take the school again if there was no response.

Some mothers found out about the demonstration and although their children no longer study there, since they went on to secondary school, they reported that the principal made indecorous proposals to a mother as a condition for her son’s promotion to grade level.

Although the students left, the teachers remained under the trees in the field in front of the school, fulfilling their schedule.

The director did not show up at all during the protest, so the zone supervisor stated that he would be dismissed from this position.

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