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Jellyfish invade the coasts of Yucatan

by Yucatan Times
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Through social networks, users have shared the discovery of dangerous jellyfish (Agua Mala), better known as Portuguese Carabelas, on the Yucatan coast.

According to reports, jellyfish have been seen on the shore of Progreso Beach, Dzilam de Bravo and Celestun, this weekend.

Users have pointed out that the jellyfish are on the sand, allegedly dragged by the waves, and therefore recommended taking precautions not to step on them while walking on the beach.

These species can cause intense pain, breathing problems, and even cardiac arrest due to a neurotoxin secreted by their tentacles, which have high toxicity.

It feeds on small invertebrates, has more than one million nematocytes in every inch of its tentacles, these allow them to paralyze their prey and introduce them into its gastrovascular cavity where the digestion process takes place.

Nematocists are responsible for the pain and irritations suffered by people who come into contact with these organisms, in some cases it can even cause death.

The symptoms may vary, the most common are vomiting, high fever, heart problems, nausea and anxiety that usually go away in a few days.

This body is present on the coast of Yucatan throughout the year, but it is more common to have sightings mainly in the Winter season, either dead, or floating very close to the beach.

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