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Insecurity on national highways is a big threat to the textile sector of Yucatán

by Yucatan Times
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The new leader of Canaive warned about robberies of freight trucks.

The new leader of the National Chamber of the Clothing Industry ( Canaive ) in Yucatán, Gerardo González Morales, warned of the threat posed to the sector by robberies of freight units on highways in the center of the country.

After taking office as the new leader of the clothing industry, he pointed out that the issue of insecurity is a threat to the regional productive sectors.

“The issue of insecurity in logistics transportation is sensitive and very complicated at the national level. That entire area that comes from the center of the country towards Puebla, Veracruz, and Tabasco is very risky and insecure. It seems very good to me that it is the transporters themselves who are demanding better safety conditions in that part of the country,” he noted.

He added that one of the strengths of the local textile export sector is the effect of “nearshoring” or relocation of companies, which seek to bring their products to the United States market. This trend, in which companies try to locate their operations close to their final market, provides a unique opportunity for Canaive-affiliated firms.

“Nearshoring” has gained relevance in recent years due to the search for greater efficiency in the supply chain and the need to reduce logistics costs. Yucatán, with its strategic geographical position and its developing infrastructure, is presented as an attractive place for companies seeking to relocate their operations.

For Yucatecan textile companies, he added, “nearshoring” represents an opportunity to expand their operations and increase their participation in the US market, one of the most important in the world. Additionally, by being located near the United States, companies can reduce delivery times and costs associated with transportation, making them more profitable, and more competitive in the international market.

He emphasized the importance of Canaive affiliated companies being prepared to take advantage of this opportunity implies improving the quality of their products, increasing production capacity, and adapting to the demands of the US market in terms of design, quality, and delivery times.

González Morales commented that the new leadership will seek rapprochement with the communities all across the State to increase the network of affiliates, promote the generation of jobs and develop new generations in the sewing trade.

Finally, he indicated that the growth path will be based on a commercial strategy, new markets will be explored and new services will be integrated to serve members.

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