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Chile inaugurates the fastest train in South America with a route between Santiago and Curicó

by Yucatan Times
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On Feb. 1st, the most modern and fastest train was inaugurated from Latin America, but it is NOT the Mayan Train, but rather it is the New Chilean Train (Tren Chileno).

This new railway transportation system, reaches a speed of 160 km/hr, and it goes from Santiago de Chile (the nation’s capital), to Curibó, travels 190 km in two hours, and has three daily departures in each direction. The Tren Chileno has completed all its departures, and it has not failed to be right on time ever since it was inaugurated, costs $11 USD in Std class, and $20 USD in Standard Plus.

The construction cost comparison is:
Chilean Train: $7.5 MDP/Km
Mayan Train: $333 MDP/Km
That is, each km of the Mayan Train is 44 times more expensive than the Chilean Train.

In fact, the Chileans controlled expenses so much that their budget was enough to make seven trains (seven different routes).

Of course the Chilean train was made with private companies, and NOT with the Army of that country.

And of course they operate it with civilian personnel, NOT with inexperienced military personnel.

In addition to the fact that the Chilean president did NOT make monthly “supervision trips” nor did he dedicate so much rant in the “Mañaneras” during its construction.

Unlike the Mayan Trai, the Chilean Train has been operating regularly and without delays or ever since it was inaugurated.

For millions of Mexicans, it is evident that AMLO has used the Maya Train, the AIFA, and the Dos Bocas Refinery projects, to obtain economic resources owned by the public treasury and be able to divert them to be used in his populist social programs.

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