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Tragic statistics in Yucatán: suicides seem unstoppable

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Suicides continued unstoppable in Yucatán since the beginning of 2024 could well be classified as disastrous and tragic in terms of the serious public health problem that these deaths constitute.

The first half of January 2024 has been one of the most tragic of the last five years regarding these cases, having a daily average of one case of suicide.

And this is the second consecutive time that these figures have been recorded, since, 2023, when the month closed with 26 cases, in the first fortnight of that period there were 15 deaths of this type. Now, after concluding the first half of 2024, a similar number has been recorded.

In 2020, at least nine deaths from suicide were recorded in the first 15 days of January. While in 2021 there were 12 and in 2022 nine were again registered in the same period.

Regarding the current calendar, that is, due to suicides in Yucatán in 2024, the deaths have been at least 15. The deadly list began to add red points at the dawn of the year.

On the first day alone, the deaths of two women and one man were recorded. These deaths took place in Progreso, Mérida, and Tahdziú.

The first case was the one that occurred in the port with a woman, an event similar to the one recorded in 2023, when a woman from Merida ended her existence on January 1.

Three days later, the tragedies continued with the death of a man from this capital city, and on the 6th, in Ticul, another man joined the list.

Progreso added another case of a woman on the 8th. Later, on Thursday the 11th, the alarms went off when the death of another man from Merida was recorded, raising the suicide statistics in Yucatán in 2024.

The next day, Friday the 12th, another suicide was observed, again in this city with the hanging of another man from this city.

On Saturday the 13th, another macabre discovery was made in Tetiz, near Nohuayún, where a father found his son dead on a ranch.

After a pause of a couple of days, at the start of 2024, Yucatán experienced the most tragic day even due to deaths by suicide. In 24 hours, there were four deaths of this type, two of them in Mérida, one in Kanasín, and one in Valladolid. The case of Valladolid stands out for being the youngest young woman to take her own life so far this year since she was 13 years old at the time of her death.

It is the second case of a minor so far this month, since a week ago a 17-year-old boy put an end to his existence, apparently by hanging, and a 65-year-old man was also known who took his own life in Mérida. The age range of those who have taken their lives this January ranges between 13 and 69 years old. Of the registered cases, more than half are people between 13 and 38 years old. As for sex, there are 11 men and four women who have chosen to take their own lives.

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