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Mauricio Vila submitted his fifth annual results report

by Yucatan Times
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During his Fifth Government Report, the Governor called to continue with the change for Yucatán and never take a step back in what has already been started.

“After five years of work, today we can affirm that together we have transformed Yucatán into an increasingly productive and fair place, where change is palpable in every corner of the state, forging a history of change and transformation that should not stop”, stated Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal when presenting his Fifth Results Report.

Addressing his message to the population, the Governor stated that change is underway and must not stop. “I am convinced that we should not take a step back. I think that we Yucatecans already know the way to follow. I am convinced that Yucatán deserves to continue building what we have started.”

Before the Secretary of Culture of the Government of Mexico, Alejandra Frausto Guerrero, who attended on behalf of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, Vila Dosal affirmed that the future of Yucatán is promising, for which he called for unity, joint work and continue believing and building by writing the history of a fair, prosperous and sustainable Yucatán in the last stretch of his administration.

He indicated that a little more than 5 years ago we began this government of results, dialogue and open doors, with the firm conviction of transforming the state and asked that we all unite, without distinction of colors or partisan signs, to work tirelessly for a better Yucatán. and it was with the conviction of the Yucatecans to work as a team that has been the fundamental piece of the good results we have achieved.

Before the Governor of Aguascalientes, María Teresa Jiménez Esquivel; and the Governors of Querétaro, Mauricio Kuri González; and from Michoacán, Alfredo Ramírez Bedolla, Vila Dosal recalled that the public powers of the country, including Yucatán, will be renewed in freedom and democracy, so it will be the moment in which we Yucatecans freely decide the path we must and want to follow, continuing with the policy of harmony and putting forward our love for Yucatán, which is our main strength.

He asserted that citizens are tired of political disputes and sterile confrontations, and what they demand are results, “since when the dispute is permanent, opportunities are permanently lost,” and that is why he has maintained close collaboration with the others. powers of the state, with all municipal governments and with society.

Especially, the Governor continued, work has been shared with the Federal Government and a close and beneficial relationship has been maintained for the Yucatecans, which he thanked President Andrés Manuel López Obrador and assured will continue until the last day of his administration.

“Working as a team is not moving away from one’s own values ​​and identity, nor is delivering. On the contrary, working as a team is building a better path for the future of citizens. And in Yucatán we are demonstrating with results that this is possible because the change and transformation of Yucatán is already felt in the homes and communities of the state,” he highlighted.

However, Vila Dosal stated that there is still more to do to get to where we want, today we Yucatecans can say that we have shown that it is possible and we are laying the foundations for the Yucatan of the future so that this moment of historic growth becomes sustainable in the medium long term. He indicated that we still have nine months of tireless work left, which will be used to continue bringing support to the people and laying the foundations for the future.

Finally, the Governor thanked his collaborators, from the secretaries to the unionized and trusted employees, for their support in the task of governing and called on them not to let their guard down because what has been achieved will not be allowed to be spoiled and continue serving with honesty, trustworthiness and efficiency until the last minute of our assignment.

Also, Vila Dosal highlighted the support, confidence and strength that his family gives him, especially his wife Maru and his children Alejandrina, Mauricio and Santiago, his mother and brothers.

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