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Mauricio Vila highlights the importance of Mangroves at the World Economic Forum

by Yucatan Times
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Vila Dosal began his intervention at this meeting with the Conference “Catalyzing the Advancement of Mangroves”.

The Governor also met with Ambassador Peter Thomson, special envoy of the United Nations Secretary-General for the Ocean.

Davos, Switzerland, January 17, 2024.- Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal participates in the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, a world-class invitation-only event that represents a platform to continue promoting Yucatán to attract more well-paying jobs for Yucatecan families and continue learning from the best to strengthen sectors such as transportation and education in the state.

Vila Dosal participates in this meeting, to which you must be invited to attend and in which Yucatán has been recognized for its teamwork through panel tables and work meetings to share their experiences and learn about practices successful that can add to what is being done in the entity in various areas.

On his first day of work, the Governor met with Ambassador Peter Thomson, special envoy of the Secretary General of the United Nations (UN) for the Ocean, with whom he spoke about the strategies that could be promoted in the state to reinforce the conservation of mangroves and wetlands in Yucatán.

Vila Dosal and the Ambassador talked about the potential we have in Yucatán to promote an initiative that generates more income for Yucatecan families through carbon markets that conserve mangrove resources in our state.

As part of his work agenda, the Governor spoke at the Forum Catalyzing the Advancement of Mangroves, where he stated that Yucatán has been working to recognize the importance of mangroves for the world and the Yucatecan communities, for which he reiterated the firm commitment to generate ecosystem recovery and conservation policies for the state.

In his presentation, Vila Dosal spoke about the opportunities and projects that are being carried out in the entity to develop conservation strategies that ensure compliance with international commitments for the advancement of mangroves.

He added that in his Government it is essential to promote the advancement of the mangrove as a catalyst for investment on a scale for these areas and, therefore, work has been done to ensure that every project is registered and accompanied by the state administration, since it is an obligation for law for both parties to do so.

Also, he pointed out, it is sought that the criteria that are taken into account for the monitoring of the projects are homogeneous and also with social, economic and fair benefit for the communities and that the strategy contemplates the prioritization of the integration of biological corridors and water corridors. , guaranteeing a long-term territory protection policy.

The Governor indicated that what has worked in Yucatán is to generate projects that are comprehensive, multidisciplinary and that scale to generate a state public policy that provides environmental, social, legal and financial certainty over time, addressing issues such as waste management, territory conservation and integrated management of coastal zones that includes a complex and broad vision of the importance, conservation and sustainable use of our mangroves.

He shared that the Ecosystem Recovery and Conservation Strategy was built in the state, which aims to seek economic and financial alternatives with a sustainable use of resources with economic and social benefits to the surrounding communities.

In his speech, Vila Dosal highlighted that they have worked hand in hand with various institutions and organizations, such as the UNDP Climate and Forests Program, VCMI, MéxiCO2 and BIOFIN, and with private initiatives, academia and other levels of Government.

Likewise, he announced that it has been identified that activities such as tourism, fishing, aquaculture, beekeeping and crafts are fundamental for the sustainable use of these ecosystems, which is why more tourist products are being developed in the coastal area but built from the communities and work is being done on the production of mangrove honey with the University of Michigan, the restoration of mangroves and capacity building with Las Chelemeras in Progreso, regulated hunting use and strengthening for bird tourism in Sisal.

In the Yucatán Peninsula we have 60% of the mangroves in all of Mexico, of which approximately more than 200 thousand hectares are found in the state of Yucatán. Another important aspect is our water flow which flows from the center of the peninsula towards the coast, so our mangroves serve as an important filter that guarantees the good quality of the water on our coast.

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