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Gasoline price reaches its historical maximum in Yucatán

by Yucatan Times
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The withdrawal of the gasoline subsidy and the update of the Special Tax on Production and Services (IEPS) was reflected on Monday, January 1, in new prices for regular, premium, and diesel fuels, reaching its historical maximum in Yucatán and the country.

Very few service stations in Mérida have not updated their prices, among them the one in San Fernando, near the Fiesta Americana hotel, which reported yesterday to the federal government that it sells a liter of regular gasoline at $20.99 and premium at $22.99, the same price as December 2023.

However, most gas stations did make this upward adjustment by the entry into force of the new IEPS tax on fuels, so prices were seen that be one cent away from reaching $23 or $25 per liter.

Valladolid gas stations reached these sales prices, making them the most expensive in Yucatán. The Alca Energética service station, in Valladolid, sells a liter of diesel for $25.52, regular diesel for $23.80, and premium for $24.50.

Servicios Ecológicos de Yucatán, also in Valladolid, sells diesel for $25.08 per liter, regular diesel for $23.18, and premium for $25.08.

Gas station businessmen recalled that this increase in fuel is caused by the increase in the IEPS tax, which rose 4.32%, which is reflected in the new fuel prices throughout the country, not only in Yucatán.

Gasoline with less than 91 octane increased to $6.17 per liter, gasoline with higher octane or equal to 91 increased by $5.21, diesel increased by $6.78 per liter, and non-fossil fuels by $5.21 per liter.

Propane gas increased by 9.3 cents per liter, gas plane, and gas lines increased by 16.36 cents, and jet fuel by 19.54 cents.

As can be seen in these price updates, automotive gasoline was the one that had the greatest impact on this price increase, against the promise of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador that during his government they would decrease. The Energy Regulatory Commission reported that in 2018 the average annual price of gasoline was $18.32 per liter and in December 2019 the liter of Magna, the most consumed, was $19.35.

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