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Clínica de Mérida: The legacy continues

by Yucatan Times
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On October 19, Juan Carlos Navarrete Jaimes, a doctor by profession and specialist in gynecology and obstetrics, was appointed by the Board of Directors of Clínica de Mérida, SA de CV, with the position of General Director of the company, after the death of his father, Dr. Luis Alberto Navarrete Ruiz del Hoyo, who recently departed.

In his appointment, he highlighted the special affection he has for the Clinic since his father was in charge of this institution for 59 years, and he was born on the premises, so since he was little he was taken to the hospital and walked the corridors and rooms.

Dr. Juan Carlos Navarrete recognizes that it is an honor to serve as Director and recognizes the total dedication and effort exerted by his father to achieve unsurpassable goals in the field of health and to build the prestige and image of the Hospital Medical Institution. as the best private clinic in the Southeast of Mexico.

He points out that he is a faithful observer of disciplines and human respect and therefore considers that every person has the right to be heard and treated with respect: “I am also responsible and aware of my obligations and rights and I observe them fully, in our life and time as a society,” he added.

In an interview, he emphasized that he is a person who does not allow himself to be carried away by haste when having to make a decision, especially when there are interests of third parties involved in the matter and who may be affected by it.

Regarding the philosophy of his work, Dr. Navarrete is committed to carrying out the task that has been entrusted to him without any hesitation and with a defined character to overcome and overcome those resistances that seek to hinder the achievement of the purposes of the institution, as well as how to discard any act coming from people who intend to violate the distinctive principles of honor and dignity of the institution.

“The Mérida Clinic will continue to offer Yucatecan and peninsular society top-quality services with the best state-of-the-art equipment, which will remain updated to the new situations that modern medicine requires in terms of cutting-edge technology. As an Institution, we are focused on being the leading hospital in the Southeast and serving patients with the best technology and the best medical staff at an affordable cost, as well as maintaining the pace dictated by the needs of the users.”

The specialist pointed out two projects he has for the institution: The first is the acquisition of oncological diagnostic equipment (PET SCAN) that will be located in the north of the city.

The first stone for its construction will be laid later in January 2024, and it is expected to come into operation in September of this year.

They will also build a building with 30 medical offices and seven new operating rooms – one of which will be 100% intelligent -, a maternity area, as well as a outpatient surgery, and a surgical ophthalmology departments.

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