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Yucatán strenghtens international ties to face climate change effects

by Yucatan Times
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In the fight to obtain increasingly greener regions in the world, Yucatán reinforces international ties to face the crisis caused by the effects of climate change and the protection and conservation of biodiversity in the construction of a sustainable future, by participating in the United Nations Climate Change Conference 2023 (COP28).

On its third day of activities at this important meeting, Mauricio Vila Dosal, governor of Yucatán, held working meetings with directors of Regions4, a global network that represents 41 regional governments from 21 countries on 4 continents in initiatives before the UN; with the CEO of Cemex, Fernando González to elaborate on climate change, as well as with the person in charge of Political and Economic Affairs of the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates in Mexico, Sultan Mohamed Saeed AlTaei.

When holding a meeting with the director of the Regions4 Biodiversity Program, Renata Gómez, and the acting Secretary General and executive director of Regions4, Jordan Harris, Vila Dosal explained the actions being undertaken in Yucatán, prioritizing the fight against climate change and nature preservation.

Before subnational leaders and environmental defenders from different parts of the world, the Governor pointed out that Yucatán firmly believes in teamwork, not only with civil society, companies, different levels of government and sectors, as well as organizations non-governmental, but also through international cooperation, beyond borders, as it is essential to face these challenges.

Vila Dosal presented 11 success stories, shared projects and initiatives such as GCF Task Force, Race to Zero, Race to Resilience, meetings in which Yucatan was the host, like Biosphera and Smart Cities. He stated that Yucatecans are active users of the RegionswithNature platform and the Kunming agreement with which biodiversity is prrotected, with the firm conviction that collective and integrative action is the key to victory in this cause.

“I invite you to join and collaborate together for a greener and more sustainable world, to guarantee a long-term and scalable impact of the strategies we are creating in our regions, while enriching and improving our work in favor of all inhabitants” , stated the Governor.

In this sense, the Governor also assured that the commitment is to quickly address the climate emergency, investing in local initiatives with global impact, ensuring the preservation of ecosystems and promoting cooperation between the government, private companies and civil society, also guaranteeing that no one is left behind.

“As regional and local governments we are leading the fight against climate change while working for the conservation and preservation of biodiversity. We have the great responsibility of increasing federal policies on climate change and biodiversity, with the commitment to create innovative and comprehensive plans and strategies that provide solutions to the challenges that arise every day. It is our obligation to collaborate for the improvement of humanity, not only for those who reside in our region, but for the entire world. With combined efforts, we have made significant progress as regional governments on this path and we must continue to move forward,” concluded Vila Dosal.

Continuing with his work agenda, the Governor held a meeting with the CEO of Cemex, Fernando González, they discussed climate change, with whom he reiterated the commitment to continue promoting innovation to combat this crisis since Cemex already has a plant in Yucatán, which is why it seeks to increase the use of waste as an alternative fuel for its ovens, using 1,700 tons of waste per month that are transformed into energy.

Finally, the Governor held a meeting with the person in charge of Political and Economic Affairs of the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates in Mexico, Sultan Mohamed Saeed AlTaei, with whom he elaborated on the projects that protect the environment and its diversity in Yucatán, to whom he reiterated his willingness and commitment to work as a team to combat climate change.

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