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People in Sudzal protest against a foreigner who is allegedly killing their pets

by Yucatan Times
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Residents from different parts of the town of Sudzal met at a house on the corner of 10th and 3rd Streets to ask for a stop to the slaughter of animals. Families point out that an American citizen is suspected of poisoning animals in the community and is also accused of physical and verbal aggression against locals.

“My neighbor the “gringo” entered my home and attacked me verbally and physically, so I had to file a complaint with the Izamal Prosecutor’s Office, one for the attack and the other for the alleged poisoning of my animals,” said Magaly Chan Uitz.

“He was my neighbor for two years, I think; He has psychological problems because in Yucatan, it usually happens that when there is leaf litter we burn it and he doesn’t like it, although the smoke doesn’t reach him, he just doesn’t like it and starts making signs and speaking in English but I imagine they are insults. Fortunately, he isn’t my neighbor anymore,” said Teodoro Chunab.

“We want the “gringo” out of Sudzal because in my case four dogs died, so imagine what trouble we are getting into. We do not want this problem to get worse, we want justice, we want the “gringo” to leave,” said María Sofia Uc Cocom.

“The truth is that this situation is tiring us out, there will come a time when we will get even angrier and this matter will end very badly; In my case, they killed my five dogs, that’s why I want the “gringo” to leave, he is the person most suspected of poisoning not only dogs but also birds,” said Noemi Chin Uc.

The residents of Sudzal point out that the “gringo”, as they call him, usually wanders between 2 and 4 in the morning with a machete in his hand and a bag in which he presumably has the poison, and some cans to put it in. The annoyance of the locals has already reached the point that they indicated that a habit of killing animals could lead to killing people.

Sudzal is located 75 kilometers (46 miles) east of Merida (INEGI)

The protesters ask for the intervention of the mayor (Alejandro Duarte Caamal), the State government, as well as animal protection groups so that this case does not continue to occur in the municipality of Sudzal. The mayor pointed out that in a letter addressed to the delegation of the National Migration Institute in Yucatán, he expressed the problem that Olson Fred Elie (the “gringo”) has had with residents of the municipality. The document requests that his legal status of stay in the state of Yucatan be reported since there is also fear for his physical integrity due to his bad behavior.”

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