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Mexican journalist calls AMLO “the most perverse and traitorous president in Mexico’s history”

by Yucatan Times
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Beatriz Pagés Rebollar accuses the president of seeking the disappearance of the Constitution to establish a centralist and authoritarian system.

In the second and final installment of the interview saga of Las Guerreras del Periodismo, (Journalism Warriors) Beatriz Pagés Rebollar, renowned journalist and current director of the magazine Siempre, shared her opinions about the profession and spared no criticism of the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

Pagés Rebollar, who has also stood out in the political arena as a former federal representative and social activist of various non-governmental organizations, began the conversation focused on the importance of the vocation in journalism. The interview took a strong turn when Beatriz Pagés Rebollar expressed her strong opinion about the current Mexican president.

Firmly, Pagés Rebollar described López Obrador as “the most perverse and traitorous president that Mexico has ever had throughout its history”. In his statements, he did not spare criticism and stated that, at the end of his mandate, the president must face the consequences of an alleged “improper use of powers, ineptitude, and indolence.”

According to the journalist, in just five years of government, López Obrador has transformed Mexico into a country of victims and accused the president to have as the true project of the Fourth Transformation (4T) the disappearance of the Constitution to create one of a centralist and authoritarian nature. Pagés Rebollar maintains that this constitutional change would have the purpose of perpetuating López Obrador in power if Morena wins the 2024 elections.

Pagés Rebollar pointed out that the central objective of the 4T is “to disappear the Political Constitution of the United Mexican States and make one that is tailored to a centralist and authoritarian use. The journalist stated that this project includes the elimination of private property and the creation of a parallel Congress called “People’s Congress”, where the people would be in charge of validating legislative decisions.

The interviewee spared no criticism when denouncing what she described as an attempt to impose a form of “totalitarianism,” especially in the judicial sphere. Pagés Rebollar assured that the government seeks to submit the election of judges, magistrates, and ministers of the Court to a popular vote, with the intention that Morena has control over the judicial power.

He accused the president of using the poverty and ignorance of the population to remain in power and lamented the lack of awareness of citizens regarding what he considers a risk for the country.

The journalist also criticized the López Obrador government’s strategy of dividing and confronting society, describing him as a president who behaves like a “true enemy of this great country.”. Pagés Rebollar denounced the destruction of institutions and the lack of construction of new ones during the current mandate, highlighting the precarious situation of public health and education.

The interviewee concluded with a forceful statement, ensuring that the destruction of the country began in the first minute that López Obrador came to power.

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