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English language basics taught to preschool students across the Yucatán

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Peto, Yucatán on December 42, 2023.- To strengthen the communication skills in the English language of Preschool students, the Secretary of Education of the State Government (Segey), carried out a series of activities in schools of this level to continue teaching of this language from an early age.

In this way, the preschool schools that are part of the State English Agenda promoted by the State Government are advancing in the specific challenges of each educational level to improve the language.

In recent days, as part of the Teaching Coverage strategy, the presentation of a play alluding to Thanksgiving Day was carried out in the “Josefa Ortiz de Domínguez” and “Niños Héroes” preschools of the municipalities of Peto and Umán.

The coordinator of the strategy at the Preschool level, Adriana López Baqueiro, explained that the work is part of the activities to promote the English language through one of the celebrations of foreign culture. Likewise, she highlighted that the progress in the students is very noticeable and both directors and teachers have put all their effort, dedication, and commitment into achieving the results sought through this strategy, which also involves parents and the rest of the family.

“This has been a great joint effort by everyone who is part of the school environment, motivating students to learn more about the language with the support of attractive teaching materials, activities, and training for teachers”, López Baqueiro said.

For her part, Zoila Domínguez Carrillo, director of the Preschool of the municipality of Peto, said that the strategy is advancing quickly because the majority of students have at least one family member living abroad who motivates them and brings them closer to the language; and in the case of the teachers, some have spent time living in the U.S. so they are an important support for the English teacher as they get involved in the activities.

The play, directed by teacher Cristhell Chico Mena, was performed by 12 third-year Preschool students, who characterized themselves as settlers and Indians to thank the food harvest and for all the good that comes into their lives. The educational community wore hats with figures of turkeys, and at the end they wrote a special thank you on a tree installed for this purpose.

The State English Agenda responds to an instruction from the State Governor, Mauricio Vila Dosal, to expand English learning strategies in preschools and primary schools in the interior of the State, so that in the future students have better educational opportunities and of job development.

The attention in the area of ​​Coverage, at both levels, has benefited more than 34 thousand students from 22 of the 30 priority municipalities; Meanwhile, the Bilingual Environments category has reached more than 20 thousand students from 188 schools in 8 priority municipalities.

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