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Churches in Mérida register a greater influx of young people and foreigners

by Yucatan Times
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Foreigners and young people are “reinforcing” attendance at Catholic temples, said the parish priest of San Cristóbal, José Gilberto Pérez Ceh, in the first case due to the increasing presence of foreigners who buy houses in the Historic Center and, in the second, by adolescent schools.

The priest assured that it is increasingly common for foreigners, attracted by culture and traditions, including religion.

“Here we have seen that there is a greater influx of foreign people who visit the Virgin of Guadalupe, I suppose is because in the center there are more and more people from other countries who buy houses, so more come, especially during the weekend”, the priest continued.

“During December, the number of tourists coming to the church has also increased, there are many tourists who like to visit churches that are also cultural heritage,” he said.

He also spoke of the growing attendance of young people in the parishes: “There are various schools for adolescents in the churches, and there are many families and young people in the chapels such as San Martín, San José and Juan Diego, in the Cendas (Disciple Worship and Service Center) there is a considerable number of kids who want to get closer to God, and we are trying to instill this feeling in the new generations,” he stated.

In the case of the San Ildefonso Cathedral in the Historic Center, it receives a large number of tourists daily, who document every corner of the temple with photographs, in addition to being interested in the history of the saints, the architecture and so on. All tourists are amazed by our cathedral”. José Gilberto Pérez Ceh concluded.

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