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‘Birdwatching’ benefits people and the environment in Tizimín

by Yucatan Times
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Bird watching in this part of the State is a relatively new activity that provides benefits to human health, said Juan Flores, member of the Green Jay Bird Conservancy Association.

Tizimin, Yucatan.- “Observing birds, a pastime, also known as birding, birdwatching, or birding, offers a wide variety of improvements for both personal well-being and the environment,” explained the professional.

In the first instance, there is a connection with nature, since participating in birdwatching provides the opportunity to immerse oneself in natural environments, which deepens ecological sensitivity and provides a feeling of tranquility and calm.

Likewise, this hobby involves exercising outdoors, since searching for birds involves walking or standing for long periods of time, which helps maintain an active and healthy lifestyle.

Birdwatching also helps reduce stress, because people set the goal of finding specimens, so their mind only focuses on this task and they get away from their worries, even momentarily.

We cannot ignore the development of observation skills, which improve mindfulness and being present in the moment since finding birds requires visual and auditory acuity, as well as patience.

But that’s not all, since birding helps you learn about feather diversity, but it also challenges you to read the environment to find the birds you want to see and, through their identification, learn about their behaviors, habitats, and migrations, which is beneficial for cognitive health.

On the other hand, bird watching is often done in groups or communities, so joining a group provides the opportunity to socialize and share experiences.

A positive effect of this activity is the reflection on ecological care, because it pushes practitioners to become aware of the importance of preserving the home of the specimens.

Another benefit is that the beauty and diversity of birds, as well as contact with the natural environment, inspires creativity and at the same time as observing, it is used to photograph, write or sing.

Downbird watchers often participate in citizen science programs and contribute data on the birds’ distribution and behavior. This helps professionals better understand the populations of the specimens and conserve their habitats.

Finally, the interviewee announced that Río Lagartos and El Cuyo will host the 21st edition of the Christmas Bird Count, scheduled for the 16th and 17th of this month.

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