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World-class companies generate more jobs in Yucatán

by Yucatan Times
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Yucatán is home to the first manufacturing plant in Mexico and the most modern of Warbird Marine Holdings, which was inaugurated by Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal of this company dedicated to the production, distribution and marketing of high-performance personalized fishing boats, the result of the promotion of Yucatan worldwide is increasingly attracting more and better-paid jobs for Yucatecans living in the interior of the state.

Together with the president of Warbird Marine Holdings, Thomas Wieners, Vila Dosal cut the inaugural ribbon of this large industrial warehouse that includes the Invincible and Yellowfin brands; where he took a tour of this space that represents a private investment of 50 million dollars and generates a source of 400 direct jobs for the interior of the state.

It is the most modern factory of this company equipped with better technology even than in the United States, where men and women from municipalities such as Huhí, Hoctún, Tecoh, Acanceh, Suma de Hidalgo, among others, work; which brings closer jobs with social security and better pay for the population of the interior.

World-class companies generate more jobs in Yucatán

Goal: Promote the state

In his message, the Governor pointed out that, from the beginning of his administration, the goal was to promote the state and we have traveled to various parts of the world to present the advantages of investing in Yucatán and attracting quality jobs.

“The main objective is that jobs could be generated not only in the capital, but also reach municipalities in the interior, providing the opportunity to have access to a good job,” said Vila Dosal in the presence of the Consul General of the United States in Merida, Dorothy Ngutter.

When speaking about the historical moment that the entity is experiencing, Vila Dosal indicated that, in 2021, Yucatán registered the highest economic growth and the highest number of jobs generated; in 2022, the maximum amount of foreign investment and tourist arrivals was obtained; while this year the highest average salary in history was recorded.

“We are creating the conditions so that this economic growth is not only maintained, but increased and not lost, this with the help of the Federation with projects that will trigger the development of the entity such as the construction of 2 thermoelectric plants, the expansion of the pipeline of natural gas and the expansion of the port of Progreso”, stated the Governor before the president and Co-Founder of Co-Production International, Enrique Esparza and the vice president of operations of Warbird Marine Holdings, Edgar Silva Cajiga.

World-class companies generate more jobs in Yucatán

Advantages of investing in Yucatan

In this context, the president of Warbird Marine Holdings, Thomas Wieners, highlighted the advantages of investing in the entity such as the privileged location, its industrial focus, the emerging and talented workforce, the infrastructure of Progreso and its connectivity, the security conditions and social peace and its cultural wealth.

“From day one we knew that we were in the right place and had professional support. The first floor was a large house and we set out to build a new center, fulfilling our vision of growth with this plant of more than 40 thousand square meters,” the businessman told the mayor of Kanasín, Edwin Bojórquez Ramírez.

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Also, in the presence of the Business Coordinating Council (CCE) and the Association of Maquiladoras of Yucatán (Index Yucatán), Alejandro Guerrero Lozano, the head of the Secretariat of Economic Development and Labor (Sefoet), Ernesto Herrera Novelo, indicated that, this The new plant arrived to transform the lives of Yucatecans with good jobs close to the places where they live.

It should be remembered that this project began in 2021 with the arrival of the Invincible brand and derived from the success of its operations, it continues its expansion plans with the construction of an industrial warehouse to receive more models and more production processes. This expansion will provide the ideal conditions to continue producing quality units in Yucatán.

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