Vehicle falls from the second floor of a parking lot in Cancun’s Plaza Kun 2186

A driver and his passenger suffered serious injuries after falling from the second floor of a parking lot in a shopping plaza in Cancun.

The incident took place at Plaza Kun 2186, a central shopping center located on Bonampak Avenue. The driver of a “Siena” type vehicle was traveling through the second level of the establishment’s parking lot when, lacking warnings or barriers, he continued his journey until he fell into the void.

In record time, teams of paramedics from different organizations rushed to the scene, providing immediate medical care to the injured and transferring them to a nearby hospital.

The authorities also appeared at the scene to take charge of the removal of the vehicle.

At this time, the health status of the victims is unknown. This incident highlights the importance of security in shopping plaza parking lots.

TYT Newsroom