This is how the felinarium ‘Balam Balam’ will look like at Merida’s Animaya Zoo (PHOTOS)

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With an investment of 36 million 989 thousand 296 pesos, the Merida municipal government intends to build a new attraction at the Animaya zoo in Mérida, which will have felines as its main characteristic.

A felinarium called ‘Balam Balam’ has begun construction on more than 16,000 square meters at the Animaya zoo located in Ciudad Caucel.

The attraction will have a labyrinth, another artificial lake and it is intended to have green areas among the characteristics that this new space will have for the preservation of feline fauna.

It will consist of a service corridor with access and audiovisual areas featuring eight enclosures, which will be the habitat for these different species of felines.

In the Animaya felinarium, 16 species are expected to live, among which are the African lion, Bengal tiger, jaguar, tigrillo, ocelot and jaguarundi or emuch.

Its opening date is intended to be in the month of April 2024, although further information regarding this new animal space is unknown.

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