The photographic exhibition of the Mexican Army in the corridors of the Municipal Palace attracts local, national, and international tourists who are interested in knowing the evolution and activities of the personnel of this institution throughout its 200 years of existence.

Even some foreign tourists ask to take photographs with the soldiers who take care of the images displayed throughout this municipal building, where they remain from 9 in the morning until 3 in the afternoon.

Those who have visited Valladolid since November 6 have been able to admire these images that the Army preserves as faithful witnesses of the occasions in which the Military College has changed its headquarters, how it has adapted, evolved, and modernized to comply with the noble work to ensure the well-being of Mexicans.

This chronology of this great military establishment invites the public to learn about its beginnings, the iconic buildings it occupied in various historical stages, and some of the outstanding characters forged on the campus.

The Heroic Military College, in its 200 years of existence, preserves a long tradition of honor, courage, and institutional loyalty, representing the noblest military virtues and values, which to this day practice these traditions.

According to the custodians who remain in the place, this exhibition is available until November 30, and then they will indicate the municipality to which they must move.

The exhibition was first in Tizimín, where it was well received and people captured a copy of the images with their mobile phones to keep as a memory of this institution at the service of Mexicans.

TYT Newsroom

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