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Sir David Attenborough makes bold statement: Act On Climate Now!

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David Attenborough is an English broadcaster, writer, and naturalist who was noted for his innovative educational television programs, especially the nine-part Life series.

The voice of “Planet Earth” has spoken, and it brings a dire warning and a plea.

Sir David Attenborough, British biologist, natural historian, and narrator of the beloved television series “Planet Earth,” among many other things, spoke about the state of the planet.

The video was shared to X, formerly known as Twitter, and is just over a minute long, yet carries a warning spanning millions of years.

“‘Please make no mistake. Climate change is the biggest threat to global security that modern humans have ever faced.’ Sir David Attenborough,” reads the caption above the video.

The Attenborough quote — which is spoken at the end of the video — is then followed by words from the poster: “No time to wait. #ActOnClimate.”

As for the video itself, Attenborough explains that due to increased warming, “Our atmosphere now contains concentrations of carbon dioxide that have not been equaled for millions of years.”

He continues to say that we are close to reaching tipping points that, once passed, will send global temperatures spiraling.

“If we continue on our current path,” he warns, “We will face the collapse of everything that gives us our security. Food production, access to fresh water, habitable ambient temperatures, and ocean food chains, and if the natural world can no longer support the most basic of our needs, then much of the rest of civilization will quickly break down.” 

His warning is not unfounded either, as there are more and more examples of ocean food chains at risk, dangerous extreme temperatures, decreasing water access, and loss of essential ecosystems like glaciers.

While the video and the warning came with the usual level of naysaying and denial, many viewers seemed to hear the message loud and clear.

“The feeling of shouting into a void,” lamented one viewer. “He’s absolutely correct, but no one is listening.”

“This needs to be shared as much as possible,” said another. “Humanity has to realize, we are all in trouble…earth is home to all of us.”

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