To reduce telephone extortion, robberies, and virtual kidnappings, the Valladolid Municipal Police conducted a workshop for tourism service providers “Security Measures in Hotels” to members of the Hotel and Hostel Association of this city.

They offered the training because, in recent months, some businessmen have been victims of extortion attempts and racketeering.

For this reason, the committee requested talks with the Crime Prevention with Citizen Participation Department of the Municipal Police. In the course, the agents explained to the hoteliers how to act when faced with a call from the alleged hitmen and who to turn to. Likewise, they recommended that they not lose their calm so as not to panic.

Noé Rodríguez Cervera, president of the Hotel and Hostel Association, indicated that the idea is to maintain a safe environment in the establishments and the municipality.

Noé Rodríguez Cervera (Photo: YA)

Although most businessmen already know what to do, it is important that they receive courses to reinforce the measures, he added.

On the other hand, to maintain the healthiness of the lodging centers, in recent weeks, the Yucatan Health Secretariat (SSY) taught a course on healthy and hygienic food handling to the collaborators of the restaurant business units and dining rooms of the establishments.

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