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Sabores de Yucatán Festival exceeds expectations

by Yucatan Times
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For the second consecutive year, the presence of international chefs intervening in Yucatecan kitchens during the Sabores de Yucatán Festival aroused the interest of locals, visitors, the media, and gourmet experts, who met from November 16 to 20 in the state capital.

Yucatán has not only become the gastronomic epicenter of Latin America and the world, with the success of its second edition of the Sabores de Yucatán Festival, but it has also consolidated its position as a top-level destination for holding major events, since Last week, international events were held such as the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles, being the first non-wine destination in Mexico to host an event of this type, the Best Chefs Awards – which left Europe for the first time – and the Barra México in a very Yucatecan edition.

The Sabores de Yucatán Festival has left a great taste in the mouths of all those who enjoyed it and its activities, thanks to the tourism and gastronomic promotion actions implemented by the Governor, Mauricio Vila Dosal, carried out by the State Tourism Promotion Secretariat ( Sefotur) by Michelle Fridman Hirsch, who has worked hard to make Yucatán a destination for all types of trips, betting on gastronomic tourism as a transversal axis of social and economic development for the state.

Sabores de Yucatán concluded successfully, with more than 100 culinary activities, leaving an important economic benefit in the state, in addition to the fact that these types of actions have put the entity before the eyes of the world as the great hosts of gastronomy. worldwide, during the closing of the Best Chefs Awards, Chefs Wilson Alonso and Roberto Solis were recognized, thanks to their efforts to preserve the culinary traditions of the entity, the “Local Award” won the applause of the best chefs of the world, who agreed that Yucatán is a land full of magic that inspires the creation of innovative dishes based on the origin of Mayan tradition and techniques.

With a diverse and authentic offering, Yucatán demonstrated that it has become a gastronomic destination par excellence, accompanied by an extensive program of activities, attendees were able to enjoy from the Mercadito Sabores, on Paseo de Montejo, which brought together 67 Yucatecan producers who were able to show and sell their products to 9,250 attendees in this plaza.

In addition to this, more than 1,000 people with passports completed the 3 gastronomic circuits that visited 21 restaurants in the Center of Mérida; 12 Dinners and 1 brunch for 6 hands with 519 guests; In addition, 4 tours were made through the traditional markets; 33 events and 38 consumption centers by Barra México in different parts of the city.

Also, as part of the activities at the Mercadito Sabores within the facilities of the Casona Minaret, 6 tastings and 15 tastings were held by 910 people. The Sabores academic program, along with the Best Chef Awards with Food Meet Science and Area Talks with 8 discussion panels offered by 35 of the most recognized national and international culinary talents, which included chefs, sommeliers and local, national and international experts who gathered at the festival to share knowledge and reflections on gastronomy with more than 1,830 people.

The triumph of this 2nd edition of the Yucatán Gastronomic Festival was possible thanks to the participation of local producers, chefs, cooks and traditional cooks, who in addition to sharing their knowledge and flavors, creating a unique event that became a benchmark for Yucatán before the world and that in turn will remain as a legacy for the Yucatecan people.

It is worth mentioning that the 1st edition of Sabores de Yucatán in 2022 had a total participation of 12 thousand attendees, while on this occasion, around 16 thousand people enjoyed and were part of Sabores de Yucatán, included in all the activities combined to the celebration of the great events that arrive for the first time in Yucatán, bringing together more than 140 personalities from the local, national and international gastronomic industry, which includes the best chefs in the world and experts from the wine industry.

The actions implemented in Yucatán to promote the destination and position it as one of the favorites of travelers have been strengthened, and this has only been possible thanks to the value of recognizing its culture and natural resources as a living heritage.

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