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Relocated residents of La Plancha demand answers to their petitions

by Yucatan Times
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The relocated neighbors for the construction of the Gran Parque La Plancha de Mérida, inaugurated on November 19, asked the authorities for answers because, on the one hand, the houses granted to them have several damages and cracks. On the other hand, they have not received the deeds of their properties.

According to comments from several neighbors, who preferred to remain anonymous, they have only received the keys and plans of their houses. However, they have not gotten a resolution regarding the property papers or the damage observed in the properties.

“We are grateful for the houses, but we feel that we are very abandoned. They did not invite us to the inauguration of La Plancha, for fear that we would go with banners to demand answers from President López Obrador,” said one of the inhabitants of the houses.

A neighbor comments that the glass is quite sensitive because it breaks very easily and it is noticeable that when there is a storm or a hurricane it will not resist. Also, its floors are cracked, and the main stairs too, that it seems to be about to split.

Another neighbor comments that water enters her house, there is a lot of humidity and they have issues in the bathrooms. “When they gave us the houses, they told us they would have the floors laid and check for any damage.  They built the houses in just two months. We are talking about several two-story houses. Two months is a very short time,” he said.

The neighbors feel disappointed because their old houses that now no longer exist, it had cost them a lot of work to maintain them, they were theirs, it was their effort seen in their houses.

“Since the Vicente Fox Government, they wanted to remove us, but it didn’t happen. One day Fonatur arrived and demanded that we leave here, we are happy about La Plancha Park, it is a great project, but we hope the same, let’s not be forgotten” argued one of the protesters.

They also had problems with the water service. The neighbors had to repair their water pumps to have that service. The same thing happened with the electricity. The inhabitants only ask that they supervise the houses to avoid any misfortune, such as the stairs that still do not have railings and a neighbor fell days ago since she is a senior citizen and does not have much strength to climb.

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1 comment

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