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Phase one of the “Gastronomic Corridor” inaugurated in Mérida

by Yucatan Times

Mérida, Yucatán, November 4, 2023.- Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal and the Mayor of Mérida, Renán Barrera Concha, inaugurated the first stage of the Tourist and Gastronomic Corridor, which covers 47th Street between 56 and 48, a project that contributes to renewing the urban image and detonate the economy of the historic center of the city.

Vila Dosal and Barrera Concha cut the inaugural ribbon of this renovated space and took a tour of it, where they greeted the families who are enjoying the attractions of the place today.

When giving his message, the Governor announced that next January they will begin the remodeling of the Plaza Grande, a work that is part of the team transformation that is being carried out in the Historic Center of Mérida, through various projects that represent an investment of more than 2,500 million pesos.

“Coordination is the secret of why Yucatán is doing better than other states because when there are authorities who are willing to work as a team, there is nothing that can stop us Yucatecans,” he stated.

Before the federal representative Cecilia Patrón Laviada, Vila Dosal pointed out that the Great La Plancha Park and the Tourist and Gastronomic Corridor are a great dream that we Meridans had, which has come about thanks to the implementation of projects such as the Mayan Train, which allowed develop plans and works that are changing this area.

He explained that, together with La Plancha and the Corridor, the Center is being transformed with projects such as the remodeling of the Plaza Grande, the expansion and improvement of the University of the Arts, the UNAM Museum of Light, complementary works around La Plancha and the Multimodal Transfer Center (Cetram), which represent the important commitment to the city center.

Finally, the Governor indicated that Yucatán is having unprecedented numbers in tourism since 2022 has been the year with the most visitors and everything seems to indicate that 2023 will break that record; In addition, Chichén Itzá has been the most visited archaeological zone in the entire country for the third year.

“The future of Yucatán looks good, the result of coordination and the fact that we have been working hand in hand,” concluded Vila Dosal.

With the opening of the Tourist and Gastronomic Corridor on 47th Street, which becomes an engine for social activation through the recovery of pedestrian space and the promotion of sustainable urban mobility, Mérida today begins to see the transformation of the economy of the businesses in the area with the presence of tourists and residents that will make this space a great economic and tourist trigger, said Barrera Concha.

“Every time we deliver an improvement, a new construction, market, road or social center, we do it for the enjoyment and use of all citizens, but today we take a step further because, with the inauguration of this Tourist Corridor and Gastronomic, we promote its commercial vocation through the promotion of the business economy of the area and the beautification of this area of ​​the city,” he noted.

This Corridor that is inaugurated today, he added, has already begun to bear fruit, since of the 11 restaurants that operated on 47th Street before the start of this work, eight more have now been added and surely the number will increase over time. see the development that this place will have in the coming months since this work is aligned with the designation of Mérida as a “Creative Gastronomic City”, awarded by UNESCO, and its tourist vocation.

Vila Dosal and Barrera Concha walked along 47th Street accompanied by residents of the area, state and municipal officials, as well as representatives of business chambers.

The Mayor recalled that the transformation of the area began in October 2022 with the execution of various works that completely transformed the environment.

He specified that the walkways were expanded and roads that favor pedestrian mobility were built; water, gas, internet, electrical, and public lighting lines were hidden, which are now underground; With the support of INAH Yucatán, 103 building facades throughout the area were rescued; Universal accessibility was provided to people with mobility disabilities through a single-level platform, both for the sidewalk and the vehicular stream, which facilitate crossings and transfers; and drainage and sewage works were carried out for the efficient removal of rainwater, among other works.

Prior to the cutting of the inaugural ribbon, Barrera Concha mentioned that 86 million 052 thousand 675.33 million pesos from the City Council’s own resources were invested in the work.

“But the most important thing is that 47th Street became a gastronomic corridor to detonate tourism through gastronomic and entertainment options, where tourists and residents will be able to enjoy cultural and artistic activities at important moments for the city, such as the Noche Blanca and the Mérida Fest, to name a few,” he highlighted.

Likewise, he thanked the restaurants and merchants in the area for their support during the work, as well as for enabling the infrastructure that will be at the service of the Yucatecans.

The Municipal President stated that the 47th Street corridor that connects with the 60th Street corridor and the Gran Parque de la Plancha works carried out by the State Government and the Federal Government, respectively, will allow us to offer all visitors a great corridor. with leisure options for Yucatecans and tourists.

As a preamble to the official opening, visitors were able to enjoy the performance of the Trío del Renacer and the soloists Lizzeth Enríquez and Ricardo Jiménez, who graced the evening with their voices.

To end the event, fireworks decorated the sky of Mérida where colorful figures delighted the attendees.

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People would come for Mayan cuisine here, but none in the picture represent their people.


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