Photo: SIPSE

A few weeks after its start, local authorities, organizers and citrus producers in the southern part of the State are already preparing for the new edition of the Orange Fair, which will be held from December 7 to 17 in the municipality of Oxkutzcab, where several attractions and surprises are expected.

The mayor of that municipality, Juan José Martín Fragoso , commented that, for this edition, it is expected to exceed numbers in terms of attendees, so a wide repertoire of activities has been prepared that will surely amaze visitors.

He announced that preparations are already around the corner, so in the coming days press conferences and other media will be organized to promote the event so that more people can learn about the schedule of activities .

“We are already preparing our Orange Fair in ‘the State garden’, and what we want is to invite everyone who can from Yucatán and outside the state to visit us, to spend a weekend or two weeks there.” throughout the Fair and have fun in Oxkutzcab , we have restaurants and hotels that complement the event,” he noted.

Martín Fragoso recalled that the Fair was a success last year and highlighted that something that characterizes it is the exhibition of agricultural production in the south of the State, through large representative figures of Yucatan covered with oranges , lemons and other citrus fruits.