Nearly 2,000 cigarette butts were collected during a clean-up operation in El Corchito

El Corchito Ecological Reserve cenote. (PHOTO: Robert Adams)

Headed by its general director, Mauricio Díaz Montalvo, and in coordination with the Yucatán Health Services (SSY), Cultur held its fourth “Colillatón Cultur 2023” at the “El Corchito” tourist inn, located in Progreso which consisted of cleaning the environment of cigarette butts that, on this occasion, approximately 1,525 waste of this type were collected.

Shanny Cámara Canto, responsible for the “100% Spaces Free of Tobacco Smoke and Emissions” program, also collaborated with the SSY.

With this new day of cleaning and decontamination of the soil and subsoil, Cultur already has a total of 23,300 cigarette butts collected.

In the first event, which was held at the Siglo XXI Convention Center, 12,900 stood up; in the second, at the Chichén Itzá parador, 5,125; and in the third, in the Meteorite Museum, 3,750.

According to information from the SSY, this is waste that, despite being very small, is very polluting, since it only affects at least 8 liters of subsoil water, in addition to the fact that it never degrades and contaminates between 10 and 15 years. This event took place in the middle of a persistent drizzle, with the participation of about 30 people, including staff from the parador, SSY, and Cultur.

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