Motorist arrested after running over a municipal police officer in Downtown Merida

A man runs over a police officer after he told him that he had parked in a forbidden place

Agents of the Municipal Police of Mérida arrested J.X.S.D. on Friday, November 17, in the afternoon for deliberately running over a police officer.

The events happened when police agent E.A.B. noticed that a Hyundai-type vehicle was parked incorrectly on 63rd Street between 60 and 62nd Street. Upon approaching and telling the driver to leave, this person became dissatisfied with the signal and left the site.

Minutes later he returned to 60th Street and 63rd Street, throwing the car at the officer, who at that time was assisting in road work, hitting his left hand and parking on 60th Street between 63rd and 61st Streets.

The officer approached him requesting his documentation, to which J. X.S.D. He reacted violently, started the vehicle ran over him with the front of the car, and subsequently fled. However, he was arrested on 80th Street between 65 and 63.

After the incident, the officer was treated by paramedics from the same Municipal Police, resulting in pain in the left rib arches and in one for which he was taken to the hospital. Meanwhile, J.X.S.D. He was taken to jail, for subsequent referral to the State Attorney General’s Office.

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