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The Wilson Center has created a  comprehensive information and up-to-date analysis from a wide range of top experts, visit the Mexico. The 2024 Election Guide is the ultimate resource for an English-speaking audience interested in understanding the nuts and bolts of Mexican democracy and what is at stake in one of Mexico’s largest and most important elections in history.

Currently, there are many potential concerns about President Andrés Manuel López Obrador and his party being a danger to democracy. Here is some general information on the subject.

  • Andrés Manuel López Obrador, commonly called AMLO, was elected as the President of Mexico in 2018. He and his party, MORENA, were seen by many as a change from traditional Mexican politics, promising to address issues of corruption, inequality, and violence. His presidency began with high approval ratings, but opinions about his government were polarized.
  • Currently, many critics of López Obrador and MORENA raised concerns about several aspects of his leadership:
  1. Centralization of Power: Some critics argued that López Obrador concentrated power in the executive branch, undermining the system of checks and balances. They claimed that this centralization might be a risk to democracy.
  2. Populist Policies: López Obrador’s administration pursued populist policies, such as canceling a partially built airport, delaying energy sector reforms, and implementing cash transfer programs. Critics argued that these measures might not be economically sustainable and could hinder long-term development.
  3. Security Challenges: Mexico has faced significant security challenges, including drug-related violence. Critics claimed that López Obrador’s security strategy was inadequate to address these issues effectively.
  4. Freedom of the Press: Concerns were raised about the freedom of the press, with accusations of government pressure on critical media outlets.

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