Mérida’s municipal government will contribute with resources to support local animal shelters

Organizations that house and shelter animals in Mérida will receive financial support after the Mérida Council approves the operating rules of the Animal Welfare Alliance program, which will have a budget of 5 million pesos.

In an ordinary session of the Town Council, held this Tuesday, October 31, the councilors approved the proposal of Mayor Renán Barrera Concha on the operating rules of the plan.

The program seeks to establish general provisions that regulate the organization and operation of animal shelters.

The support applies to non-profit organizations and individuals that carry out work of sheltering and sheltering animals, specifically feral or street dogs and cats, established in the Municipality of Mérida and its communities, that meet the requirements indicated in the rules.

The plan seeks to strengthen people and groups that stand out in the care of homeless or abandoned dogs and cats.

The city council seeks to create better conditions that allow these organizations to meet the different needs of the animals they protect.

TYT Newsroom

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