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Meet Godzibot, the waiter robot that has gone viral in Mérida

by Yucatan Times
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Good Ramen, a restaurant located in Ciudad Caucel, has gained popularity because an android waiter brings the food to the table.

Many of us remember Rosey, who was the Jetsons’ maid, but we never imagined that an android would be serving in a restaurant in real life, which is why “Godzibot” has become a celebrity on social networks, and this has favored the popularity of Good Ramen, a Japanese food restaurant located in Ciudad Caucel.

Rosey (Photo: Wikipedia)

Equipped with sensors, cameras, and screens, this robot waiter moves autonomously, avoiding obstacles, and has compartments to place the trays it carries to the diners’ tables, and the important thing about all this is that human waiters do not consider it a competition, but rather as a complement that helps them do their work more effectively.

This robot, which arrived from Japan a few days ago, can even be programmed to sing “Las Mañanitas” to diners who are celebrating their birthday at this establishment. The robot even winks his eye at the customers and asks permission to pass.

At the national level, these robots arrived in restaurants in Mexico City during the pandemic, precisely to give diners more confidence regarding the issue of hygiene, that is, that their food would not have contact with human beings, which reduces the risk of contagion, and little by little in restaurants in other parts of the country more like “Isa” appear in Culiacán, and one more in Guadalajara, which, with their friendly behavior, have earned the public’s sympathy.

Thanks to artificial intelligence, these robots offer the possibility of customizing a series of bionic facial expressions that show human-like emotions such as joy, sadness, and anger, among others, using an LED screen as a face on the top of the robot, simulating a head.

In this way, interaction with customers is much more personal and interesting. Some of these waiter robots even need to receive caresses from the customer to be able to carry out the task, such as bringing the ordered dishes.

According to the TPV Center website, the prices of waiter robots range between six and fifteen thousand Euro (from 110 thousand to 280 thousand pesos, approximately) depending on the model.

There are several models of waiter robots, some only deliver food, that is, they transport the food on plates to the table and then pick up the dirty dishes. These machines can carry up to 40 kilograms of weight, and some models offer the option of receiving customers upon arrival at the restaurant.

The good results are obvious and in the case of the Good Ramen restaurant in Ciudad Caucel, its owners Leticia Iracheta and Ricardo Ramírez declare that Godzibot has made a difference in their business.

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