The Chetumal Bahía, Cancún and Cozumel campuses hosted the “ Marketing and Business Seminar 2023 : Digital transformation and the challenges of marketing”, which brought together more than 600 students from the Autonomous University of the State of Quintana Roo (Uqroo).

The “Marketing and Business Seminar 2023: Digital transformation and the challenges of marketing” was organized through the Marketing Department belonging to the Tourism Administration and Marketing Division of Uqroo.

Its objective was to provide participants with a space for contact with specialists and professionals in the field, thus integrating extension and dissemination as an essential part of their training.

Dr. Elda Patricia Beltrán Manzanero, head of the Marketing and Business Department at Uqroo, said that the seminar was developed mainly in person, with some online activities and the program included conferences, workshops, panels, recreational activities, contests and events. cultural skills to enrich the specific competencies of students.

He noted that the activities culminated with the online conference “ The efficiency of sales with technology ”, developed by Mr. Luis Miguel Ávila Rodríguez, to give way to the closing ceremony.

The closing ceremony was attended by teacher Julia Isabel Matus Martínez, responsible for the Marketing and Business Educational Program Chetumal Campus; Dr. Oscar Martínez González, head of the PE Campus Cozumel, and teacher Francisco Naranjo Aguirre, from the Cancún Campus; who expressed satisfaction with the enthusiastic participation of the students in the keynote conferences and workshops.

At the closing ceremony, images of the most notable moments of SEMN2023 from the three campuses were projected .

The event concluded with the invitation to the “Marketing and Business Seminar 2024”, which, due to the success obtained in the edition that ended, promises to provide opportunities for students to establish professional contacts and updates in the field of marketing and business.

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