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López Obrador attacked the members of the caravan that left Acapulco bound for the National Palace

by Yucatan Times
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López Obrador attacked the members of the caravan that left Acapulco demanding greater resources after the damage caused by Otis.

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador described those who make up the caravan that left the port of Acapulco, in Guerrero, as engaging in “politicking”, whose objective is to demand greater resources from the Federal Government after the impact of Hurricane Otis.

The Mexican president considered in the morning conference at the National Palace that the support that the Government of Mexico will provide to rebuild Guerrero “is sufficient”, although he stressed that “there is no limit” when it comes to rebuilding Guerrero.

“There is freedom for everyone to express themselves, but there is a lot of opportunism, politicking. Many of those who come to the march belong to the parties that are against us. The one who called is this Mr. Naranjo, from the PRD and Mrs. (Xóchitl) Gálvez,” AMLO said during his morning in the Treasury Room.

Around 300 people started this Sunday, November 5, a Caravan for Reconstruction from Acapulco to Mexico City to demand that more resources be allocated to the reconstruction of the port after Cyclone Otis.

The group is made up of militants and sympathizers of the Democratic Revolution (PRD) and National Action (PAN) parties, as well as former local deputies, former mayors and small businessmen and representatives of the destination’s tourism sector.

The members of the caravan left the Diana Cazadora roundabout aboard 50 cars and two urban trucks with the aim of reaching Chilpancingo to recruit more followers.

Last Wednesday, November 1st, the Government of Mexico estimated the cost of repairs and social support after the passage of Otis at 61,313 million pesos.

But the Fitch agency estimated the catastrophic losses at 16 billion dollars, while the business chambers anticipated two years and up to 300 billion pesos for the reconstruction of Acapulco, considered one of the most important tourist spots in Mexico.

Despite the historic scourge of Otis, which has left 47 dead and 53 missing, according to López Obrador, the MEXICAN Government will maintain the Tianguis Turístico 2024 in Acapulco, the main business event of the tourism industry in Mexico, from 8 to 12 April.

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