Four young people reported an attempted assault on the Mexico-Puebla highway

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Crime wave on the roads of Mexico endangered the lives of 4 young people, who were victims of an attempted assault on the Mexico-Puebla highway, near Chalco, State of Mexico.

Video from the vehicle’s camera circulates on social media showing how on October 10 of this year, 3 men and a woman were traveling on the road at night, when they suddenly ran into a stone halfway along the road that braked due to the unexpected impact.

When they stopped the car, an armed individual approached them and tried to get them off, however, the assault was a failure, as the driver waited for the perfect moment to start and leave.

Just when he was barely about to move forward, the driver’s window shattered due to the apparent impact of a bullet that passed through it and wounded the boy behind the wheel on the left side of his stomach.

The young woman sitting in the passenger seat supported her friend in holding the steering wheel, while, with her other hand, she dialed the emergency number to report the attempted assault they had just suffered; The driver’s current state of health is unknown.

Assaults on transporters in the country increased 9.4 percent this year, 86 percent of them committed with violence, according to official figures.

Between January and September, 7,028 transportation robberies were reported, of which 6,030 were perpetrated with violence, establishes the Executive Secretariat of the National Public Security System (SESNSP).

In the same period of 2022, 6,420 cases were registered, of which 5,580 were committed with violence.

The State of Mexico leads the list of robberies against carriers with 3,163 assaults this year, of which 2,730 have been reported with violence. In addition, security companies affirm – based on GPS tracking – that, in that period, thefts from cargo transportation to their road units increased by 35 percent compared to the same period last year.

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