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Fisherman dies on boat at sea

by Yucatan Times
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Fisherman Carlos Alberto Reyes Jiménez, 37 years old, from Tabasco, died aboard the ship Freshco Rosa of the Yucalpetén major fleet, which was anchored at sea during the bad weather caused by the cold front 8.

The fisherman’s death occurred on Friday, November 3rd. The man had come from his home state to participate in octopus fishing. The radio report was broadcast at 10:30 p.m. by Ángel Enrique Roblero Uicab, boss of Freshco Rosa, informing the port authorities.

Due to the effects of the cold front, although fishing is suspended, there are ships at anchor weathering the bad weather. In the case of the Freshco Rosa, owned by businessman Juan Selem Berrón, it was anchored waiting for the bad weather to subside to resume octopus fishing.

On Friday at dinner time, they called all the fishermen to eat, but they observed that Reyes Jiménez did not respond. His worried companions approached the bunk where he was lying and they noticed that the body was cold and he no longer had vital signs. He would have had a heart attack.

The captain of the boat reported it by radio and was given instructions to suspend fishing and head to Yucalpetén.

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