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Elementary students participate in a colorful parade in Ciudad Caucel

by Yucatan Times
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Mérida, Yucatán, November 18, 2023.- Students from four primary schools, which are part of the Ciudad Caucel educational complex, participated in a colorful civic sports parade on the occasion of the 113th anniversary of the Mexican Social Revolution, which framed the effort of a month of rehearsals with their teachers in the subjects of Artistic Education and Physical Education.

From rhythmic tables to dazzling dances, characters alluding to the revolutionary feat, bodyguards, and war bands, a total of 1,405 girls and boys wore the national colors with pride and emotion as they walked along the “Cronista Deportivo” avenue of the Ciudad Caucel subdivision.

The parade was made up of the “Alfredo Lizarraga Azarcoya”, “Ana Sofía Baeza García” and “Carlos Carrillo Vega” primary schools, in their two shifts; as well as the outstanding participation of the War Band of State High School number 10 “Rubén Rodríguez Moguel”, who began the colorful course.

With the guidance of the teaching staff, directors and the support of mothers and fathers, the students performed rhythmic tables and paraded to the delight of the large attendance who enjoyed the display of their daughters’ and sons’ skills.

At the end of the parade, students, mothers, and fathers gathered at the Ciudad Caucel Sports Unit to participate in a civic tribute, where, after honoring the Flag, a representation was held alluding to the historical event that marked the beginning of the Mexican Revolution on November 20, 1910, by students from the “Carlos Carrillo Vega” primary school.

This event was attended by the director of Educational Services at the primary level, Víctor Zapata Ek; the supervisor of zone 032, Fanny de León Ruiz; the supervisor of zone 08 of physical education, María Uribe Guerrero; the supervisor of zone 03 of artistic education, Eduardo Cortés Novelo.

Also, the director of the “Ana Baeza García” Primary School, Luis Osorio Gutiérrez; the director of the “Alfredo Lizárraga Azarcoya” Primary School, Saydi Novelo Cetina; the director of the “Carlos Carrillo Vega” Primary School, Paulina Álvarez Pech and the director of the same school, afternoon shift, Paulino Ku Chi.

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