“Crystal” consumption grows in Yucatan: it accounts for 70% of addicts

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State Health authorities indicated that in Yucatán, 70% of people who receive medical attention for consuming the drug known as “Crystal.”

Edwin Narváez Padilla, from the Mental Health Subdirectorate of the Yucatán Health Services (SSY), said that “Crystal” has become the most consumed drug in Yucatán in the last five years since seven out of every 10 addicts treated by the SSY consume this drug.

The “crystal” in communities outside Mérida represented 20% of the drugs consumed; In 2020 it increased to 40%, and in 2021 to 58%, he declared.

Narváez pointed out that it is crucial to provide information and guidance on the risks posed by the consumption of “crystal” since it is a highly toxic drug.

He also warned about the high consumption of methamphetamines, which are becoming one of the most used drugs in Yucatán.

“The consumption of these drugs causes serious emotional and physical deterioration, for which the person requires hospitalization; However, the state does not have the appropriate infrastructure to address this problem,” he stated.

Some addictions arise in people due to genetic predisposition because a family member was a user, and “they can be triggered even by consuming the drug just once,” said Narváez Padilla.

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