Cozumel’s monumental dome of the Bicentenario Sports Unit to receive maintenance

Photo: SIPSE

After more than almost a decade without receiving maintenance, the monumental dome of the Bicentenario Sports Unit was demolished to make way for a new structure, whose installation will begin in December.

Sources within the Public Works Directorate revealed that the official announcement of the work will be made by the state authorities, but did not give details of the amount of the investment.

Workers at the site announced that this week their dismantling will be completed and the new roof will be transferred in parts from the continental zone of the state, since in Cozumel there are no materials and supplies necessary for the project.

In parallel, the Cozumel city council carries out rehabilitation work in other areas of the sports unit that at the time was the best in the state of Quintana Roo and in which 82 million pesos were invested at this site back in 2010.

TYT Newsroom