Construction of the “Balam Balam” Felinarium in “Animaya” advances at a good pace

Photo: YAI

The Municipality looks after the ecology, fauna, and ecosystems for the enjoyment of future generations, says the interim Merida Mayor Alejandro Ruz Castro.

Mérida, Yucatán, November 10, 2023.- To maintain actions focused on caring for and respecting the various species that make up the biodiversity of the Municipality, the Mérida City Council promotes and consolidates works that protect fauna and that in turn are healthy recreation spaces for families, said Mayor Alejandro Ruz Castro.

The Municipal President carried out a supervision visit to verify the progress of the construction of the “Balam Balam” Felinerium of the “Animaya” Bicentennial Zoological Park, which is designed to conserve, care for, and breed different species of felines, in some cases, in danger. of extinction.

Accompanied by the directors David Loría Magdub, of Public Works and José Collado Soberanis, of Municipal Public Services, as well as Salvador Mota Solano, treasurer of the Association of Zoos, Hatcheries, and Aquariums of Mexico AC (AZCARM) and director of the “Yupendii” hatchery ”; Ruz Castro indicated that this work, in which 36 million 989 thousand 296.69 pesos are invested, will be a worthy enclosure, in accordance with the optimal conditions of the habitat of these species, for the enjoyment of families with full respect for nature.

“We are consolidating actions that guarantee the care and preservation of the Municipality’s wildlife, as well as the safe reintegration of species into their natural habitat. In addition to being sustainable, the construction of this work translates into the well-being and protection of fauna,” he said.

Regarding the work, Loría Magdub explained that the “Balam Balam” felinarium, which is 20% complete, will sit on an area of ​​16,800 square meters, and will be ready by April 2024 within the framework of the 14th anniversary of “Animaya.”

“It has a unique design in the region since visitors will be able to admire the specimens from two perspectives: at ground level through special glass windows or have a panoramic view from above,” he explained.

Regarding its conformation, it will have a service corridor, access area, audiovisual area, 8 enclosures, exhibitors with their night houses, an exhibition area, a ravine area, a lake and green areas, a service walkway, and a roadway. visitors.
It will also have an audiovisual room to carry out activities to raise awareness and provide information about the respect and importance of felines in the lives of human beings, “and the most important thing is that the feline space will be designed to provide them with areas spacious that allow them to do their daily life as closely as possible to their natural habitat,” the Mayor concluded.

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