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Citizen sues Municipal Police over a pet in Progreso

by Yucatan Times
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Abimael Valle López blames the Progreso Municipal Police for running over his dog “Lucky”, for which he asks the corporation to take responsibility for the incident.

Valle López points out that since last August, when his pet was run over, he has spent a little more than 20 thousand pesos at the veterinarian since the dog suffered a fracture in one of his hind legs and to this day is recovering.

“Lucky,” says his owner, was peacefully resting on the sidewalk on 23rd, (between 22nd, and 24th streets) in Chelem when a patrol car from the Progreso Public Security and Traffic Directorate ran a tire on one of his hind legs.

Valle López did not see the accident, as he was away from home working at the time, but his neighbors who witnessed the incident told him what had happened.

Although the man has gone to the local security offices, at first they did not want to take responsibility, but after the disclosure of the evidence and with the testimony of the people, the corporation finally accepted its responsibility.

Abimael Valle López presented the documents of the complaints he has presented to the police for his pet’s veterinary expenses. 
He said that he had an approach with a person from the legal department, named Iván Novelo, who assured him that they would return the money; However, this has not happened yet.

Police Chief says it is the owner’s responsibility for not taking proper care of his pet.

When Commander Omar de la Cruz Herrera Cocom was questioned about the case, he stated that he was aware of the case; but he assured that it has not been able to be closed because the complainant does not accept negotiations.

Although the corporation accepted responsibility for the incident, the officer involved did not earn enough to return the entire expense invested in the pet’s health and now he says that the citizen has to accept his responsibility for not having his pet indoors.

The commander explained that the events occurred on public roads when the animal crossed the path of the patrol, which caused the accident; However, he said, he was on the street without a leash, which is how the law indicates that domestic animals should be on a leash.

The police officer suggests that the accident was due to the carelessness of “Lucky”’s owner when he left his pet on the street.

So, no agreement for a payment has been reached yet.

The complainant has been to the police station three times to seek a solution, but until now he has not wanted to accept the mediation proposed by the legal team, since they assured him that they cannot yet offer him a specific amount until it is approved by the City Council.

The commander assured that the complainant came for the last time a couple of days ago, but did not find the lawyer when he was on rest, but they hope to soon be able to have contact again to find a quick solution to this conflict.

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1 comment

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