Another case of animal abuse in Mérida: “Orus”, a pitbull puppy is killed with a machete

A new case of animal abuse caused outrage among residents of the San Antonio Xluch neighborhood, in the south of Mérida, whose victim was a four-month-old pit bull puppy named “Orus.”

Samanta Panti Asueta, owner of “Orus,” expressed her dismay at this act of cruelty that occurred practically at the doors of her home, where the puppy was hacked to death.

The woman indicated that she never received threats or perceived hostility from her neighbors towards her animals.

“We don’t know who it was, nobody messes with anyone, it’s not clear who the attacker could be,” he said.

This Wednesday November 8 a complaint for animal abuse was filed with the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE).

Raúl Argáez, president of the One Million Hopes Association, pointed out that cases of animal abuse are alarming in Yucatán.

He mentioned that cases have occurred in three locations in Mérida, one of them has already been brought to trial; another in Umán, where a dog died of dehydration, and one more in Ticul, where a dog was dragged to death from a motorcycle.

Likewise, there have been reported incidents in which two pit bulldogs attacked a man, ripping off his arm. In these cases, the owners are investigated for alleged animal abuse.

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