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After ban, vapers remain on the black market; 1.7 million Mexicans consume

by Yucatan Times

Official figures from Cofepris estimate that at least five million Mexicans between the ages of 12 and 65 have used a vaper.

One year after the ban, vapers have not disappeared in Mexico. Places such as restaurants, bars, or outside schools remain covered by a cloud that has not been able to disperse.

Vapers, also known as vapes, e-cigarettes, or electronic cigarettes, are devices that produce vapor through a resistance that, powered by a battery, heats the liquid contained within the product until it reaches the boiling point. The liquid may contain nicotine and other addictive substances.

Of multiple colors and designs, vapes have gained relevance in recent years due to their practicality and ease of use.


In 1963, the American Herbert Gilbert presented the first electronic cigarette that sought to reduce tobacco consumption, however, it was not widely accepted, since at that time smoking was not considered a health risk.

Almost 40 years later, the idea of ​​the vaporizer was taken up by Hon Lik, a Chinese pharmacist who introduced the modern electronic cigarette in 2003.

Countries in Europe were the first to make way for the use of electronic cigarettes; in 2007, vapers had already spread to the United States and in a short time they would be present around the world.

In Mexico, the vape boom occurred prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, however, in 2022 their use was prohibited. In June of last year, the Government of Mexico signed a decree prohibiting the circulation and marketing of vapers.

that's how they vape

Prohibition due to health risks

Official figures from the Federal Commission for the Protection against Health Risks (Cofepris) estimate that at least five million Mexicans between the ages of 12 and 65 have used a vaper.

The Decree issued in 2022 prohibited the marketing of vapes and electronic cigarettes under the argument that they are more harmful than conventional cigarettes and that they can also cause everything from diarrhea and vomiting to emphysema, bronchitis, asthma, brain and heart attacks, and damage to the nervous or respiratory system.

Through Cofepris, scientists and doctors from the National Reference Laboratory designed a study to find out the content of vaping devices; The results showed more than 30 substances not reported on the packaging.

Among the compounds that caused alarm among health authorities was linalool, a substance contained in insecticides; benzyl alcohol which is only allowed to be used in perfumes, creams, and some cosmetics; isoamyl, a compound located in the stinger of bees, which causes addiction to the product that contains it.

According to the health sector, in Mexico it is estimated that 45% of adolescents know about vaping devices and 1.7 million people consume them; According to studies, vape use could trigger addictions at an early age.


“We know that this is a substance that creates addiction, because it is a stimulant for the person, in addition to having the knowledge that, if children start vaping, if children start, children, adolescents or young people also live in an environment in which the next step is the traditional cigarette,” Isaac Macip, COFEPRIS Spokesperson, told Grupo Imagen.

In the face of prohibition, a black market emerges. MC proposes regulation.

Despite the ban on the marketing of electronic cigarettes, there are still places where they can be found. Grupo Imagen was able to corroborate that in the central area of ​​Mexico City, there are formally established businesses that have vapes for sale from 400 to 1,200 pesos or more, depending on the brand, the use, or the items they include.

Some businesses even have their own website. where they display their products to market them online. In some shopping malls, there are still vape vending machines, although they are no longer in operation, they display a variety of electronic cigarettes.

Chinatown is another of the places that openly display vapes, at street level and within reach of anyone, disposable vapes of different colors and flavors are offered for less than 100 pesos. Due to the lack of regulation, the black market emerged.

mexican vapers

“The black market does not comply with the things we are saying, they do not inform you because they do not go through a health authority, you cannot prohibit children like what is happening today, you can even order it by application, they sell it to you on the street, it is In other words, if we want to fool ourselves then let’s say that it is prohibited, but it is everywhere,” said Deputy Salomón Chertorivski.

In March 2023, the Citizen Movement parliamentary group presented an initiative led by Representative Sergio Barrera Sepúlveda, which proposes the regulation of vapers, under the argument that there is a black market that increases the risk to the health of consumers.

“They are on the streets, they are in any school, outside of schools, they can be purchased through electronic platforms, we see them with many vendors outside restaurants, so what do we say, we must regulate,” he expressed to Image Group Sergio Barrera, Federal Representative for the Citizen Movement.

“If there is no regulation and you simply say it is prohibited, then what arises and we already know historically is the black market,” said Salomón Chertorivski, Federal Deputy for MC.

The initiative to reform the Health Law and General Law for tobacco control proposed by Movimiento Ciudadano proposes the regulation of vapers under the scheme of three fundamental axes: the health of the population, respect for the human right of free development of the personality of device users and certainty in the market.

For his part, Isaac Macip, spokesperson for COFEPRIS, indicated that he is aware of the marketing of vapers in physical establishments, as well as on social networks and websites. He added that in coordination with the State Commissions, more than 150 thousand vapers have been seized nationwide.

Did the ban wipe them out?

The distribution of vapes expanded like a cloud of smoke. The National Survey on Drug, Alcohol, and Tobacco Consumption (ENCODAT) stated that in 2016 there were around 975 thousand users, by 2021 an increase of more than 100 thousand consumers was expected, that is, it was expected to have one million 400 thousand 617 users. of vapes.

Following the decree prohibiting the marketing of electronic cigarettes, the Federal Government began campaigns that warn about the use of these devices.

At the same time, movements such as “For a world without smoke”, financed by tobacco product marketing companies, seek to make way for different perceptions about consumption alternatives, under the motto: “No smoking, please.”

For its part, in April Cofepris carried out the first National Complaint Against Vaping, which sought to collect up to 500 complaints about the illegal sale of vapes or electronic cigarettes.

Given the success of the program, the agency continues to receive complaints. To carry it out, the exact location of the point of sale must be provided through the COFEPRIS website; the complainant’s data will be confidential information. Another way to make a report is through the call center 800 53 5050, or through social networks.

Almost a year after the ban, vapers have not disappeared. Places such as restaurants, bars, or outside schools remain covered by a cloud that has not been able to disperse.

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Su nota es buena pero imprecisa, aunque la COFEPRIS, “descubrio” 33 sustancias que no se declaran dentro de los vaporizadores en realidad son los aromas alimentarios que se ocupan para su elaboracion por ejemplo el isoamilo es el sabor a platano, el linalol es el sabor a lavanda, SIEMPRE QUE HAGAMOS UN ANALISIS DE UN PRODUCTO, se debe contemplar contra el que esta ayudando a eliminar es decir contra el TABACO COMBUSTIBLE, ademas de indicar los porcentajes de cada producto que se encuentra… Vapear es FISICO-QUIMICAMENTE DIFERENTE y por FUMAR mueren 22,000 personas al dia en el mundo, 178 en Mexico, ademas las enfermendades que señalas que pueden generar te refieres a un brote especifico sucedido en Estados Unidos, durante un tiempo espicifico tambien … Mar. 2019 – Feb. 2020 se denomino Evali… y las Autoridades tando la FDA como los CDC’s la describieron asi…. ” Acetato de Vitamina E, en liquidos adulterados del “mercado negro” de THC”, asi es que nada que ver con el vapeo de nicotina que es lo que describes aqui… POR otro lado las autoridades del Reino Unido, Nueva Zelanda , Suecia, Italia, Francia, lo tienen integrado en sus esquemas de cesacion tabaquica y ha conseguido ya que dos paises se aproximen al 5% de porcentaje de fumadores considerandolos PAISES SIN HUMO. Quedo a tus ordenes para cualquier debate sobre el tema con quien gustes… ahhhh y nunca se ha prohibido su uso, sino su comercializacion , venta e importacion y exportacion , agraciadamente para nosotros en Mexico todo se puede y no nos han quitado esta forma de ayudarnos a estar alejados del tabaco que por la simple combustion es 5 ordenes de magnitud mas dañino


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